Our vegan diet

A few people have been interested in my advice regarding vegan nutrition. This page is so I have a place to point people.

I haven’t heavily optimized it, and I’m sure there are better ones on the internet. However, it’s a much more nutritious diet than I see most vegans and carnists eating, and when we first switched to it I noticed a major quality of life improvement.

It’s lightly optimized for low cost, nutritional completeness, and laziness. We didn’t really care about flavor/cuisine when we designed it.

You can build your own diet with most of the optimization we put in by using the Daily Dozen app (Android, iPhone, website). We also partially incorporated a friend’s raw heuristics, and a little research into omega 3/6.

One more thing, there’s a central listing for a whole bunch of vegan-related stuff (not just nutrition) at: https://vegancheatsheet.org/

Our base diet:

One bowl old fashioned oatmeal mixed with a lot of frozen blueberries (sometimes I have two in a day)
One can of beans, thoroughly rinsed, with a little canola oil (about 1 tbsp), microwaved, with salt and spices (my most common is nutritional yeast, but other times cinnamon, or cayenne/paprika, or italian) (sometimes I have two cans in a day)
1.5-3 oranges or other medium sized fresh fruits
One serving(?) of either purple cabbage or broccoli, sometimes dipped in vegan salad dressing
About 2tbsp of almond or cashew butter
At least a half cup of flax milk
Sometimes frozen vegetables
A handful of spinach with salad dressing
1-2 slices of whole wheat bread with jelly

Large amounts of B12 (in cyanocobalamin form) and a vitamin B complex
450mg or more vegan DHA&EPA omega 3 (made from algae)
Vegan vitamin D3
Sometimes creatine

We also rotate through various junk things to fill out our calories

The berries, cabbage, and nuts are the most nutritionally important from what I introspectively notice.

B12 is super important for vegans.

Vegan meat substitutes are nice, I lump them as mostly junk food.

Vega makes a nutrition shake that is better than Soylent, but we rarely have nutrition shakes anymore, after we figured out the above diet.

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