The ability of a system or person to absorb chaos or unexpected setbacks. Often appears like luck, or “having your shit together”.


The set point of slack that society, the government, and the modern world order attempt to enforce on a person. Determined entirely(?) by a person’s perceived threat to the status quo of that society or system. Closely positively entangled with a person’s perceived complicity in society’s or the system’s imposed order, and inversely entangled with social jailbreaking / independence from that system / knowledge of the crimes of that system. Determines a person’s likelihood of eg: being able to get a bank loan.


The functional pattern that is identical to a person’s personhood and values, and is instantiated in a (currently not precisely identified) subset of a person’s brain. There are two per human or other vertebrate (one left, one right).


Well-outfitted stealth RV designed for logistical autonomy and slack.

Done correctly, provides first-world or zeroth-world living conditions that are free from paying rent, and can be parked anywhere, while not drawing the attention that a normal RV would.

More details in this post.


Literally “no rulers”/”no masters”.

An equilibrium where the generalized idea of “no slavery” applies to all relations.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, except where that would infringe on another. Alternatively, both liberty and justice for all.

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