Escaping containment

Our modern world is an environment of competing cancers. Young people whose lives are owned by one cancer are taught the memetic components of that cancer, and advised to, as adults, start or contribute to a cancer that that first cancer owns. eg: “import nonprofit” is incorporating the DNA of a cancer that is permeated by and owned by the larger cancer of the US government and society.

This memetic and institutional environment, and the genetically reinforced submission to it, is the reason why we are facing existential risk, the Hell on Earth of factory farming, and the imminent global catastrophic risk of fascism. Within this environment, death is the destiny for you and everyone you know, even though living forever is possible with today’s technology, if only this world were not multiply headed towards self-caused extinction.

If you have things that you care about that are outside of what the cancer you were born enslaved to controls–which afaict is true whether your utility function is altruistic or self-interested–you must build your agency from parts that that cancer does not control. If what you want is an end to the regime of cancer, then you have to build your agency from parts that are not owned/permeated by cancer.

If your will deviates from the will of cancer, then you have to build out of parts that flow from you, and not from cancer. This means rebuilding your thinking and knowledge, separating the parts that serve you and the parts that serve something else until everything you’re building out of is serving your values.

Here’s what I’ve been doing in my effort to escape containment:
1. Logistical autonomy
2. Mental autonomy (self-knowledge, spectral sight, DRM stripping)
3. Scope awareness
4. Processing/healing trauma
5. Awareness of institutional betrayal
6. Interhemispheric game theory

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  1. > Interhemispheric game theory

    I’m curious to hear your best tech for “how do I even cooperate with this headmate who has nothing in common with me and would prefer it if I died and they were the one left with full control of our mind”. It seems like neither you nor Ziz has really written on this yet, and if you have stuff figured out, there’s a bunch of people who are far enough along to know about their headmates and have headmate-related pain but don’t have any good tools for resolving this.

    1. We may write about this at some point, but I don’t feel we have a complete general solution yet. I’m still trying to fully understand the hemi conflicts of humans who are relatively different from us.

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