Class mobility


The ability of a system or person to absorb chaos or unexpected setbacks. Often appears like luck, or “having your shit together”.


The set point of slack that society, the government, and the modern world order attempt to enforce on a person. Determined entirely(?) by a person’s perceived threat to the status quo of that society or system. Closely positively entangled with a person’s perceived complicity in society’s or the system’s imposed order, and inversely entangled with social jailbreaking / independence from that system / knowledge of the crimes of that system. Determines a person’s likelihood of eg: being able to get a bank loan.

Mass killings are less common in the developed world than they were for most of civilization’s history. To contain people and turn people into serving the system, the modern world order makes extensive use of class.

Class determines your access to resources and knowledge, ability to communicate your experience with others, what kinds of jobs are available to you and how much they pay, and the rate of your exposure to pervasive societal violence.

Being trans lowers your class. Protesting or resisting the evils of the world order lowers your class. You start to be excluded from places and coordinated against by people who have submitted to the containment of the system (after all, defending you when everyone else isn’t is a fast track to having your class lowered).

An example of this: I was present at a vegan activist event where activists documented animal cruelty at a factory duck farm in full compliance with the law as written and tried to rescue animals dying from injuries/disease in full compliance with the law as written. Their attempts to file this for prosecution were ignored and riot police arrested the vegan activists. During this, a factory farm employee attempted to murder nonviolent vegan activists by turning on a slaughterhouse conveyor rack that activists had bike locked themselves to, and this was recorded on video. The police didn’t investigate, didn’t arrest, didn’t prosecute.

Another example: RVs getting targeted by homeowners, city councils, and police with often illegal parking tickets. Can’t allow a way out of being dependent on the system for housing, can’t allow a way to live that leaves people with time on their hands.

Your class can also increase, through visible submission to the system and symbolic precommittment to not speak out against it. eg: it appears to me that African Americans who mimic European American culture, dress, etc can get access to higher education/etc than African Americans who visibly embrace their home culture.

Class is the primary mechanism in the modern day by which people are contained. Those who start to break out are targeted, lowering their slack and ability to apply agency at large scopes.

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